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      2021年学术报告系列之08:Dense gas in local galaxies traced by multiple tracers
      2021-06-28 09:37  




      报告摘要I will introduce HCN, HCO+, HNC 1-0 and CS 3-2 survey with IRAM 30 meter toward a sample of about 70 galaxies to study if such dense gas tracers can constantly trace dense molecular  gas in galaxies. After combining the data of HCN, HCO+, HNC 1-0 in about 60 galaxies in the literature, we obtained a large sample of local galaxies with detection of such dense gas tracers and found that they followed the similar relation with infrared luminosities. The results also include that the line ratio of HCN/HCO+ can not be used as the diagnostic tool of obscured AGN, which had been used in the literature.  


         Junzhi Wang is currently a research Professor at radio division of Shanghai Astronomical observatory (SHAO). He obtained his Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in Astronomy at PKU. He was then a postdoc at Purple Mountain Observatory and an associate professor in NJU until 2013. His research interests are star formation and ISM in nearby galaxies and the Milky Way, AGN feedback, and Mega-masers, using radio and (sub-)millimeter facilities in the world, including IRAM 30 meter, Effelsberg, JVLA, NOEMA, SMA, GBT, Arecibo, and the ALMA.

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